Real Estate Law is a branch of law that regulates issues such as ownership, enjoying the right to private property, and the acquisition and transfer of immovable property. Our law firm provides various services to its clients with a wide range of expertise and experience in the field of real estate law. Within the framework of real estate law, our team assists our clients in the acquisition and transfer of immovable property, legal consultancy, title deed transactions, and protection of property rights. We provide legal support for the preparation of contracts for the lease of residential and commercial real estate, compliance with zoning plans, consultancy in zoning status inquiry and regulation processes, parceling and title deed regulations, and tenant and owner rights. Our firm provides legal assistance on condominium ownership practices and solutions to problems concerning the owners of residences and workplaces, management, and sharing of common areas. With these services, we provide comprehensive legal support with the aim of securing our clients’ property rights, managing their real estate transactions smoothly, and protecting them against possible legal disputes.