Prof. Dr. Hayrunnisa Özdemir was born in Ankara in 1974. She completed her law education at Ankara University Faculty of Law.

In 2002, she completed her master’s degree with a thesis titled “Diagnosis and Treatment Contract in Turkish-Swiss Law” at the Social Sciences Institute of Ankara University Faculty of Law. She began her doctoral studies at the same institute and conducted her research under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kramer with a scholarship from the Swiss Government. She completed her doctoral education on the Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Communication and started her academic career as an Assistant Professor at Erzincan University Faculty of Law.

In 2014, she earned the title of Associate Professor with her thesis titled “Conditions for Liability Arising from Defects in Turkish and International Sales Contracts”. In 2019, she became a Professor at ASBÜ Faculty of Law, where she continues her research and teaching activities. She has contributed to the literature with numerous works and articles in her field.

She is proficient in German at an advanced level and has a good command of English.