It represents a critical legal area for legal entities and real people, addressing the legal challenges that arise with the rapid development of technology today. In the light of developments in technology, our law firm offers various services in the field of ICT law with a wide range of expertise and experience. Within the scope of Data Protection and Privacy Services, we advise our clients on compliance with national and international data protection regulations such as GDPR and KVKK and provide services such as personal data protection, data processing processes, and privacy policies. In the field of e-commerce and Internet law and regulation, it is supported by legal consultancy for e-commerce platforms, contracts, and assistance with legal compliance and responsibilities in commercial activities on the internet. Within the scope of Telecommunications Law, we provide legal consulting services regarding compliance with regulations in the telecommunications sector, telecommunications licenses, and contracts. Within the framework of software and technology service contracts, we provide legal support in software development, licensing and maintenance agreements, contracts, and regulations for technology services. With these services in the field of information and communication technology law, we create solutions for our clients against the complexities of the digital world and provide a secure legal basis for innovative technology projects.