Kırıcı Law Office has extensive experience in a wide range of legal consulting services for local and international organizations that are leaders in various sectors. In this context, it provides services in many areas, such as drafting the articles of association, formation of companies, concept of capital and financing of companies, modes of acquiring membership, rights and privileges of members, law relating to making investments in and granting loans to other bodies corporate and giving guarantees and providing security, books of accounts, financial statements, auditors—appointment, resignation, and removal; qualification and disqualification, producer companies, merger, de-merger, amalgamation, compromises, and arrangements.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in effectively advising our clients in their day-to-day business activities. In this context, we have unique industry experience and technical know-how in drafting and negotiating all types of commercial agreements, such as distribution, sales, supply, outsourcing, manufacturing, transportation, e-commerce, licensing, services, and franchise agreements. We provide efficient and effective services for protecting the rights and interests of our clients in their subsidiaries and affiliates, preventing violations of our clients’ management, representation, and membership rights, and protecting their interests, especially in disputed partnerships.