Kırıcı Law Office uses alternative dispute resolution methods in order to provide our clients with a more effective and faster legal solution. Instead of legal litigation, we aim to protect the interests of our clients by focusing on more economical and conciliatory methods. In this context, we respond to the needs of our clients through mediation, conciliation, negotiation, and arbitration processes. We offer mediation and conciliation services through impartial mediators in order to resolve disputes between the parties quickly and at a lower cost. By applying out-of-court solutions such as arbitration and conciliation, we respond to the needs of our clients by offering more flexible and customized solutions. Throughout this process, we identify the legal risks our clients may face and offer a fast and effective solution with a preventive approach. With alternative dispute resolution methods, our professional team, which aims to provide a faster, more effective, and solution-oriented service to our clients, continues to produce solutions that meet the needs of our clients.