Kırıcı Law & Consultancy has adopted the mission of realizing the principles of justice, equality, and fairness at the highest level under all circumstances by maintaining our devotion to the ethical values of the legal profession since its foundation. A client-oriented service requires professionalism, knowledge, quality, and confidentiality. Our law firm provides guarantees of our professionalism as well as guarantees of confidentiality because lawyer secrecy applies to any information that the client shares. Our team has wide experience and knowledge of the specific areas of law to create a solution for your legal disputes.

Our aim is to: provide legal stability to our clients through our legal consultancy service; be prepared for situations they can foresee and experience; clarify that the right steps are taken effectively in the legal disputes and disagreements experienced; ensure that our clients receive professional legal services by filing a lawsuit and following the litigation process; prioritize our clients’ various requests; and stand by our clients by providing protective and dispute-based legal support. In line with these basic principles, we maintain our vision of providing practical, systematic, and rapidly accessible legal services.

Together with our result-oriented work, we provide our clients with a comprehensive legal service by operating in a wide range of areas of law. Within this framework, we effectively create solutions to our clients’ legal disputes with our corporate identity and professional approach.